Dr Noyan
naturopathic doctor poynton

I like to educate and empower patients to enable them to take charge of their health and well-being

Dr Noyan
naturopathic doctor poynton

I like to educate and empower patients to enable them to take charge of their health and well-being

Do you wish you could see someone highly qualified who you could trust to give you a wide range of options and advice and not just medications?

Dr Noyan is an experienced practising NHS GP and functional medicine doctor who appreciates the limitations of conventional medical care and wants to move away from a symptom and disease orientated approach to more comprehensive delivery of care. He has a wealth of experience from working as a NHS doctor across multiple specialties for 12 years and combines this with his training in functional and lifestyle medicine that harness the body’s own ability to heal. He is a valued member of The Natural Doctor team and works closely alongside Dr Jess.

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Dr Noyan is an experienced practising NHS GP and a Functional Medicine doctor. He has a wealth of clinical experience working as a doctor in a wide range of medical specialties and across many different NHS services for over 12 years. He understands the complex interplay between diet, nutrition, lifestyle, movement, stress, sleep, relationships and health. He uses the latest scientific evidence, together with access to cutting-edge laboratory tests to uncover the underlying dysfunction and bring back optimal health and vitality.

He is passionate about prevention and treatment of chronic diseases by addressing the underlying causes of health conditions. He believes every patient is unique and tailors his management plan to provide personalised, holistic care. Being a generalist, he enjoys looking at all the systems in the body including autoimmune disease, gut health, hormone balance, metabolic health, longevity and more. He has wide ranging knowledge and experience in personalised nutrition, DNA analysis, microbiome analysis, hormone testing, prescribing supplements and bio-identical hormones, toxin, mould and parasite exposure, assessing nutrient levels and food intolerances.

Dr Noyan is also trained in platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy for hair loss including post hair transplant to prevent hair loss and promote new hair growth. PRP therapy is also used for skin rejuvenation as a natural anti-ageing treatment often called a ‘vampire facial’.

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Graduated from Manchester University and has continued his post graduate training in Manchester. He has 12 years NHS experience working in a wide range of specialties and currently continues to work part-time as an NHS GP and A&E doctor. He maintains his medical licence and membership of the Royal College of General Practitioners.

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Dr Noyan has completed the Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice practitioner training with the IFM, and the gastrointestinal (Gut) specialty advanced practice module. He fully practises using this individualised medical approach. Functional medicine uses an evidence-based approach to identify the root cause of symptoms and diseases. It also provides continual updating of medical knowledge to stay at the forefront of current research.

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Our current health system is shown to be at least 17 years behind the latest evidence. Dr Noyan was frustrated with the limitations of the NHS and wanted to work on the true restoration of health. He has trained in PRP a completely natural and effective therapy for hair loss and skin, rejuvenation. He has extensive education in personalised medicine and bio-identical hormones.

“My consultation with Dr Noyan was fantastic. He went through everything in great detail. With all the issues I’m having, I was very worried about my health before I went to see him but came out feeling much more relaxed about it with a good plan in place moving forward to get rid of all the symptoms for good and I am already beginning to feel better!”

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My Philosophy

Medicine and human biology have always fascinated me from a young age. I love being a doctor. But it saddens me to see so many patients who genuinely don’t know what it feels like to feel well. The epidemic of chronic diseases flooding through GP surgeries is only getting worse. After many years of working within the NHS, seeing thousands of patients reinforced my belief that we need an alternative approach to care, a more holistic and integrative approach. Training in Functional and Integrative medicine have been life changing for me, what I would call modern medicine. I have seen the huge benefits of it on many patients including my own loved ones. It’s high time we treat the person and not just the disease or their symptoms.

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”I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for the exceptional care I have received under the care of Dr Muini. He’s an exceptionally knowledgeable GP. During each appointment, he took the time to listen attentively to my symptoms, concerns, and questions, showing a genuine commitment to understanding my individual needs. He explained complex medical information in a way that is easily understandable. We could not have gone through this difficult time without Dr Muini being by our side. Thank you!”


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