Our clinic is not a typical medical clinic.  Each new patient experience is personalised to be a tailored health consultation specific to your needs. This will likely include an extensive health history, appropriate examination, exploration of your goals and discussion of any recommended further testing the best treatment or supports available. 

New patients appointments are available with Dr JessKaty our health coach, Nicola our acupuncturist and Zdenka our cupping therapist. 

Our consultations are patient-centred and designed to work on the individual root causes underlying disease. Tests and treatments are designed to promote optimal function, prevent and, if possible, reverse disease and improve quality of life.

Our practitioners combine the best of traditional medicines and experience with the latest evidence and testing to optimise your body’s own ability to heal.

For more information on how appointments work and our clinic visit our approach page. 

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To get started on your healing journey, please read about how our new patient appointments work here. We ask you to fill out the New Patient Enquiry Form (booking form) and tell us about your health concerns. Once you fill out the form, a member of our team will be in touch with you within a few days to make sure that the care we provide fits your health needs.

If you are unable to fill out our form or would rather talk to someone please call 01625 850300.

The Natural Doctor’s team practise alongside Dr Jess’s sister Xandra (The Back Clinic) and her chiropractic team in the same building. The Back Clinic and our practice share the same friendly and experienced reception team who can help you with any enquiries.

Phone 01625 850300 Monday-Friday 8.30am-7pm and Saturdays 9-11am, excluding Bank Holidays.

For all new patient enquiries, please fill out our enquiry form.

Existing patients can email thenaturaldoctor.me@gmail.com.

The Natural Doctor’s practice is located in the Back Clinic in Poynton, Cheshire (35 London Rd South, SK12 1LA). For directions see map below.

Please see our pricing section on the Our approach page for details of our current prices

Dr Jess practises from The Back Clinic (35 London Rd S, Poynton, Cheshire, SK12 1LA). The nearest train station is Poynton which is about a 10-15 minute walk. Phone 01625 850300 for more help or information on public transport. A large car park is available behind the clinic with access via George Rd W.


Katy is happy to see you as a health coach and/or EFT practitioner independently please click here to learn more about Katy.

Nicola, our resident acupuncturist is qualified, registered, insured and highly skilled having complete additional training with Dr Jess. She is experienced in TCM acupuncture and can also offer electro-acupuncture, cupping or cosmetic acupuncture. 

Zdenka is a qualified masseuse and Chinese cupping therapist. She has regular sessions available for cupping massage which is great for relieving muscle tension and de-stressing.

If you are coming to see Dr Jess please bring any appropriate or recent test or scan results, a list of medications and supplements you are taking and the completed health questionnaire and diet diary you should have received by e-mail before your appointment. (Please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment if you have not completed the symptoms questionnaire and reception can provide you with a copy to fill out. If you have been unable to fill out your diet diary, it can be done in between the first and second sessions)

If this is your first session with Nicola or Zdenka then please just let them know of any medications like steroids or blood thinners that may affect bleeding or skin healing. If having acupuncture, it can be helpful to wear loose clothing so that sleeves and legs of trousers can be pushed up. 

If this is your first session with Katy, please bring a list of your medications and relevant details of any medical conditions or issues you may have.

At your first visit, Dr Jess will ask you about your problem or symptoms and you will be asked about your medical and health history (please bring a list of any current medications or supplements). She will then carry out any appropriate examinations and may do kinesiology or use traditional Chinese diagnostic techniques including looking at your tongue and feeling your pulse. If appropriate, Dr Jess may wish to see any recent medical reports or tests and your most recent blood tests (full blood count, liver function, cholesterol, blood sugar/ HbA1c, clotting and urea and electrolytes) from your GP. If you haven’t had any recent blood tests, she may suggest some appropriate tests (these can be done at the clinic if you prefer).  

If possible (and you are happy to have them present) please bring your partner or supporting person with your for your second visit, your health report. It is good for your ‘support network’ at home to also understand your condition.

All of the information that you gave Dr Jess at your first visit will have been carefully assessed and you will be told what has been found. Your treatment plan will then be discussed with you and a treatment plan agreed together. All treatments are specific to you and are tailored to your needs. Dr Jess will provide you with a file to keep a record of your treatment progress and record any advice and asks you to bring it to sessions with you.

After your first and second sessions with Dr Jess, all of the information you have given, the treatment plan agreed by you both and relevant details will have been discussed with Katy in advance of your session with her. This session can be in person or remotely via video call,

Katy will further assess where you are now, where you want to be and how to get you there by following the agreed treatment plan in manageable steps. She takes the opportunity to fully understand you as a whole person, gain further insights into your lifestyle and how this might be impacting on your health. 

Her sessions include working on the food you eat, how you sleep, how you manage stress, how you exercise and relax and how you connect with the world around you. Your time with her is a safe, non-judgemental, confidential space in which you can work out together how to achieve your goals and get the results you want. 

The honest answer to this is that functional, traditional and natural medicine can support nearly any condition. Functional medicine, health coaching, herbs, homeopathy, acupuncture & Chinese Medicine and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) treat the whole person, so can be used to support anything from common colds and emotional issues to complex medical conditions. However, it is always advisable to seek medical advice from your own doctor if you are concerned and we may refer you back to your GP for any necessary treatments, medication changes or tests. Certain conditions cannot be cured, but by improving your health, you can often bring symptom relief, improve quality of life and emotional acceptance. To learn more about our approach and the therapies we offer click here.

Yes. Dr Jess can do a wide range of private blood, stool and genetic tests (including allergy, hormone, intolerance, genetic or gut health testing) and will offer these to you where appropriate or suggest which tests you may suggest to your GP in the NHS. Dr Jess is registered with several excellent private labs including Genova Diagnostic Laboratories, Regenerus, Nordic VMS and Medichecks and has a centrifuge in the practice allowing her to do complex blood testing.

Blood test appointments are booked by phoning reception and booking in before the beginning of clinic. Her experience as a doctor means she is extremely experienced in taking blood. The clinic will let you know if it is necessary to fast from 8pm the night before the test and only consume water, black tea or coffee (no milk or sugar) until the test the following morning. If you are anxious about having blood taken or have previously had problems having blood taken, please let Dr Jess know so she can allow extra time.

Side effects can include feeling worse on beginning treatment before you begin to improve. This may be due to your body getting used to changes in diet, supplements, herbs  or other lifestyle changes and as long as you are not experiencing any worrying or severe symptoms, we would ask you to see if it settles over a few days. If you are concerned, stop any therapies immediately and contact us for advice. If you develop any signs of an allergic reaction (itchy skin rash, mouth, lip or tongue swelling, trouble breathing, diarrhoea or vomiting) stop all supplements and herbs immediately and contact us after seeking medical advice.

If you have been given a homeopathic remedy, although they are 100% safe, they are capable of powerfully stimulating the body’s reactive forces and can create aggravations. Again please contact us if you think you have had a reaction to your remedy as it may be necessary to antidote it. 

Acupuncture is a very safe therapy with a very low risk of complications which include: bruising, tingling or altered sensation at the acupuncture site and fatigue. There is a very low risk of pneumothorax (collapsed lung) which acupuncturists are trained to avoid with good needling technique.

Herbs prescribed by Dr Jess are of the highest grade from reputable herbal suppliers. They do not usually have side effects though rarely you may be allergic to one of the components or not tolerate them. If you develop an itchy rash or swelling/tingling of your lips within the first few days of taking the herbs stop them immediately. Record and discuss any new symptoms after starting herbs with Dr Jess. If concerned stop taking your herbal treatment and contact the practice to discuss this further. 

Cupping therapy is generally very safe. However you may be left with a red, brown or purplish discolouration from the cup, called a cupping kiss so please let your acupuncturist or cupping therapist know if you do not wish these to be visible. Very rarely you can experience blistering or superficial burns from the cups if your skin is fragile or you have excess body hair. These usually heal uneventfully when kept clean and dry but please seek medical advice if there is any redness or pain.

EFT is a powerful process that can help decrease anxiety and pain, increase performance, eliminate cravings, overcome self-limiting beliefs and work through trauma. It is a complementary therapy and is not counselling or psychological therapy. It does not replace normal medical or psychological treatments

Nutritional supplements and diet changes are usually safe with your medications but please provide the practice with an up to date list of your medication and contact us in the event of any changes if you are concerned.

Acupuncture and cupping are safe treatments alongside any medication although certain medications may increase your risk of bruising.

Herbal treatment is safe with many medications although it is important to make sure to let Dr Jess know of any medication you are taking so she can ensure this. She will provide you with a list of all the herbs you are prescribed that can be given to your main health provider where necessary.

Homeopathic remedies are safe and as an energy medicine they do not interact at any physical level with your medication

Pregnancy and preconception are great time to seek advice on nutrition and supports that can help you and your developing baby. We love treating children of all ages at our practice and enjoy boosting health as early as possible.

There are many herbs that are safe in pregnancy and during breastfeeding but some that aren’t so it is important to let Dr Jess know if you are pregnant or breastfeeding as she may need to alter your prescription to use gentler herbs and avoid certain treatments.

Acupuncture is safe in pregnancy, although it is recommended to avoid certain points and it is safe whilst breastfeeding. Cupping is restricted to certain areas only whilst pregnant but safe whilst breastfeeding. Dr Jess & Nicola are trained in acupuncture in pregnancy.

Cupping is not advised for children and although acupuncture can be done on children under 12, we only recommend this after a careful assessment as even with paediatric needles, children can find the experience traumatic. Acupressure can be more effective in these cases. 

Many herbs are safe for children but have to be carefully chosen and often have altered dosages. Dr Jess can advise you on this.

Homeopathic remedies and flower essences given by Dr Jess are 100% safe for everyone as they are an energy medicine and do not have any chemical side effects.

We treat patients of all ages and treatment is generally suitable for the whole family no matter how young or old. All of the therapies we practise are very safe and can be adapted to individual patients.

Cupping is not suitable for children under 12, those with a large amount of body hair or those with fragile or broken skin. We don’t recommend acupuncture for children under 12 but this can be adapted to acupressure where appropriate.

We do not accept insurance payments directly. Some insurance carriers may cover acupuncture or laboratory tests performed by our practice. We can provide a detailed receipt for services performed for you to submit to your insurance carrier directly but you will be expected to pay at the time of treatment.

Nutritional changes and supplements can trigger improvements within a few days or take weeks or months depending on your condition and the severity of your symptoms. 

Acupuncture can have instantaneous effects but may take several sessions to have an impact depending on you condition. It is also cumulative so a course of up to 10 sessions is often required to reach full benefit.

Herbal treatment can take anywhere up to 6 weeks to have full effect depending on your complaint. Most people will feel effects before this, but as the herbs are addressing the underlying problems, it may take time especially if your case is chronic or complex.

Homeopathic remedies begin to act as soon as they are taken. In an acute complaint such as a sore throat or headache, the effects can often be felt in minutes. However in complaints that have taken years to develop, it may take longer for you to feel the effects of the remedies so please be patient! We may use kinesiology to test your body for the remedy doses and what strength of remedy you need. 

Long term or severe complaints can take longer to improve so please be patient. If you have been suffering with your symptoms for many years or  your symptoms are severe, it may take more than one treatment to relieve them. Functional medicine, herbal medicine, acupuncture, EFT, cupping, homeopathy & Chinese medicine are effective forms of treatment and work on the principle of correcting the underlying causative problems, not just relieving the symptoms. This root cause approach can take time but is also often much more effective at restoring health. Our team will be happy to discuss any concerns you may have over your progress.

Whilst being treated by Dr Jess, please consult her before taking any other supports so they can ensure there are no interactions. She & her team can advise you on safe home remedies for acute complaints.

Acupuncture is a natural way of bringing the body back into balance to create optimum health. It is based on ancient Chinese principles and is over 2000 years old. It is known to help with many conditions such as pain (e.g. migraines & knee osteoarthritis) overactive bladder syndrome or TMJ.

The underlying principle of traditional Chinese medicine is that illness and pain occur when the Qi (energy of the body) is not balanced throughout your body.

Acupuncturists select specific points on the body to treat your symptoms and their underlying causes. They insert very fine needles into those points. This is traditionally thought to restore the flow of Qi and trigger the natural healing response. Chinese herbs (in capsules for easy ingestion) may be given alongside the acupuncture sessions to support acupuncture treatment.

Dr Jess and Nicola are registered acupuncturists and practice TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) acupuncture as well as being trained in electro-acupuncture and cupping therapy. They are  trained in cosmetic acupuncture (the traditional method of reducing signs of ageing, helping weight loss and skin diseases). Dr Jess is a registered acupuncturist with BMAS. 

Health coaching is a way of looking at where you are now, where you want to be and how to get you there. Wherever you are, small changes and new habits will make a big difference.

This includes working on the food you eat, how you exercise and relax and how you connect with the world around you. Health coaching sessions are a safe, confidential space for you to be heard. 

Sessions are in person or via video call and are offered individually or as part of discounted packages so you can truly commit to developing healthy habits and enjoying lifelong benefits. 

Homeopathy is a safe and natural way to bring the body back into balance. It is the second most widely used system of medicine in the world used by 200 million people and endorsed by many celebrities. It is used to treat a wide range of conditions by looking at the whole person, their individual symptoms and traits. The treatment works on an energetic level to stimulate health and your body’s natural ability to heal. The active ingredients are in diluted form avoiding toxicity and making homeopathic remedies virtually 100% safe.

Qualified homeopaths take a detailed history and match the individual set of symptoms that you have to a specific homeopathic remedy which you will take in tablet form as prescribed. By matching the remedy to all aspects of you, it aims to improve your health on every level.

The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a scientifically proven technique that can offer relief to both your body and mind. It is a non-invasive combination of gently tapping on acupressure points on the head and upper body and working through physical and emotional issues to move healing energy through the body. EFT can quieten the stress response, leaving us feeling calmer, lighter and happier. 

Katy can offer pure EFT sessions or in combination with health coaching to provide you with powerful results. 

It can be helpful in anxiety and depression, fears or phobias, cravings or addictions, lack of self-esteem or self-worth. 

Kinesiology works on the principle that the body has an energy field, muscle testing is used to test for energy imbalances Dr Jess is qualified and very experienced in Therapeutic Energy Kinesiology (TEK) and has taught this system previously with Dr Adrian Brito-babpulle. 

Cupping is a traditional Chinese practice as old as acupuncture that places cups on the skin by suction. A flame is used to create a vacuum inside the cup before being placed on the skin (the flame does not come in contact with the skin). This type of cupping is called dry or fire cupping (we do not offer wet cupping which is a Chinese practice involving bleeding the skin).

Cupping is used traditionally to help with inflammation, pain, stiffness, blood flow, improve digestion, tone fat and cellulite, improve lymph drainage and for relaxation and well-being. The many converts to cupping massage believe it feels better and has longer lasting impact than a deep tissue massage.

The cups are placed on trigger points (knots of muscle) or acupuncture points and can be either left in place to release tension/ blockage from a particular area or run (moved along the skin using massage oil) along meridians or areas of stiffness to release blockages and pain (called running cups).