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Why Astragalus Could Be Your New Herbal

Dr Jess says: One of my most important Chinese herbs, astragalus is in most of my Chinese herbal prescriptions, and is a must for any of

Why You Need Vitamin D: Health Benefits

now more than ever, this shouldn’t be overlooked! Jess says: The benefits of optimum vitamin D levels are now indisputable, particularly in light of the Covid-19

Lose Weight Naturally

Dr Jess: Losing and maintaining weight have been a personal battle for me! I LOVE food and have struggled with emotional eating and fluctuating weight, I was

Magnesium: What We Know About This Supplement

a vital mineral, that we can all benefit from Jess says: Magnesium is definitely one of my top three supplements, along with vitamin D and zinc.

Amazing Ashwagandha: A Powerful Herb

Dr Jess says: Ashwagandha root, Latin name Withania somnifera, is a wonderful, rejuvenating Ayurvedic herb. Safe, gentle and powerful, it is now one of the most

Ancient Wisdom On Gut Health

understanding traditional Chinese medicine and the role that ‘damp’ plays the spleen and damp Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) looks at the digestion in a  way quite

What is functional medicine?

Functional medicine determines how and why illness occurs, and then works to restore health, by addressing the root cause of disease for each individual. It is

Understanding Contraception – Choosing A Contraceptive

Make the right choice for your body, by reviewing the evidence and understanding the impact, pros and cons Dr Jess says: Hormones are very complex things.

The Power Of Plant Phytochemicals

Learn more about the healing power of fruit and vegetables Dr Jess says: In my practice I advocate ‘eating the rainbow’ of fruit and vegetables. This

The Gut-Brain Axis

how our gut health affects our brain Dr Jess says: When I graduated medical school in 2006 to become a doctor, I had little knowledge about


repair your immune system, the natural way  Dr Jess says: Worldwide, three in five of us will die of chronic diseases related to inflammation. Despite people


what is hypothyroidism?  Our thyroid glands are located in our neck. Its main job is to produce hormones that regulate our metabolism. When our thyroid is

what is leaky gut and what can I do about it?

understanding intestinal permeability ‘Leaky’ gut, or increased intestinal permeability (the medical name for leaky gut), is a condition that occurs when the lining of the gut

Growth Hormone, Ageing And Inflammation

Dr Jess: The role of growth hormone in adults is largely ignored by the medical community unless we are concerned that the pituitary has been damaged

How Can I Reduce My Cholesterol? Should I?

Jess says: Reducing cholesterol is something that many of us don’t even consider until we are of an age where we are offered a cholesterol test

What Do Your Cholesterol Test Results Mean?

reading between the lines Dr Jess says: If you’ve recently had a cholesterol test, you may be a little confused with what the results actually mean.

Is High Cholesterol Genetic? 

Dr Jess says: Mostly, high cholesterol is a result of diet, lifestyle, age factors and inflammation. However, for some people, there may be a genetic component

Supplements To Help Lower Cholesterol 

Dr Jess says: If you have been diagnosed with high cholesterol, your doctor may have prescribed statins or other medicines for you to take. A healthy,

What Is Cholesterol? Grasping Results

Dr Jess says: We may have been told that having high cholesterol is bad, but not really understand why or if it is bad, and what

Herbs For Hypothyroidism

Dr Jess: Traditional herbs have been used to treat symptoms of hypothyroidism like fatigue, low energy, weakness and ‘brain fog’ for hundreds, and in some cases

Best Vitamins, Minerals For Hypothyroidism

find natural support through dietary supplements  Vitamins, dietary nutrients and minerals all play a surprisingly big role in how healthy our thyroid is. While the medical


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