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What is functional medicine?

Understanding the Pillars of Our Philosophy Functional medicine determines how and why illness occurs, and then works to restore health, by addressing the root cause of

Understanding Contraception – Choosing A Contraceptive

Make the right choice for your body, by reviewing the evidence and understanding the impact, pros and cons Dr Jess says: Hormones are very complex things.

The Power Of Plant Phytochemicals

Learn more about the healing power of fruit and vegetables Dr Jess says: In my practice I advocate ‘eating the rainbow’ of fruit and vegetables. This

The Gut-Brain Axis

how our gut health affects our brain Dr Jess says: When I graduated medical school in 2006 to become a doctor, I had little knowledge about


repair your immune system, the natural way  Dr Jess says: Worldwide, three in five of us will die of chronic diseases related to inflammation. Despite people


what is hypothyroidism?  Our thyroid glands are located in our neck. Its main job is to produce hormones that regulate our metabolism. When our thyroid is

Leaky Gut

understanding intestinal permeability what is leaky gut?  ‘Leaky’ gut, or increased intestinal permeability (the medical name for leaky gut), is a condition that occurs when the


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