Planet Paleo bone broth powder


Planet Paleo bone broth powder. 450g (50 servings). Choose desired flavour from the dropdown list.

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The UK’s first organic bone broth powder. Naturally high in collagen, gelatine, trace minerals and amino acids to repair cells and tissues, support your skin and even your gut health.

Planet Paleo bone broth powder UK is sourced exclusively from organic grass-fed cattle in Scandinavia and slowly simmered to carefully extract all the beneficial nutrients.

Rich in Protein

Bone broth contains easily digestible proteins such as collagen and gelatine, so it’s a great choice for tissue repair and overall fitness.

Essential Minerals

Powdered bone broth is naturally high in trace minerals such as calcium and magnesium.

Easy to use

Each serving is equivalent to 1.5 – 2.5 cups of homemade bone broth! This bone broth powder gives you all the nutrition, none of the hard work.


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