Plant+ herbal adaptogen blend


Each Plant+ capsule contains:

500mg astragalus membranaceus. Known in Chinese medicine as Huang Qi, astragalus is one of Jess’ favourite herbs and is used to treat immune system function and lung health, boost energy levels, reduce fatigue and is believed to nourish the blood and help promote healing.

250mg ashwagandha. One of the most important herbs in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine (known as the ‘Indian ginseng’), ashwagandhais used as a tonic for weakness, to reduce fatigue and boost concentration, improve brain function and to energise the body. It may also play a role in lowering blood sugar, reducing cortisol and alleviating anxiety.

250cg reishi mushroom: Chinese medicine uses reishi mushroom as a tonic to promote longevity. It nourishes and strengthens and can help to promote sleep, thanks to its anxiety-reducing properties. It is also believed to help protect the liver and support the immune system, aid digestion and metabolism, protect the gut wall and may even help to reduce the progression of some types of cancer.

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One of the most powerful types of medicinal herbs, adaptogens are key proponents of health and wellness; considered to be natures’ own medicines.

Following their centuries-long use in Eastern medicine, adaptogens have developed in modern, Western medicine to help to counteract stress in the body. They help to regulate the stress response and to boost immune health and energy levels.

Blending herbs for an adaptogen supplement is a specialised skill and this is where Jess’ experience as a doctor, treating thousands of patients for almost 15 years is invaluable. She has seen for herself with her patients the optimal blends and strengths of the adaptogens that can truly transform people’s life and energy levels.

Suitable for men, women of all ages and life stages*, Plant+ contains three of the most powerful adaptogens in an optimised blend of Soil Association-certified organic ingredients.

Adaptogens can act as a shield that protects people from physical, chemical or biological stress to minimise the disruption to our own natural rhythm and biochemical balance. These stresses come from:

  • Infectious diseases
  • Emotional stress
  • Environmental pollution
  • Climate change
  • Radiation

Plant+ is also an environmentally sound choice. The recyclable glass bottle is printed with a paper, biodegradable label that is attached with biodegradable glue, rather than unsustainable plastic and resins. And each Plant+ capsule only contains the plant compounds, with no added filler or sugars. The capsule itself is sugar, soy, gluten, colour and flavour free, there are no genetically modified ingredients and the ingredients are suitable for those on a vegetarian or vegan diet.

* Always consult a doctor or medical practitioner before using herbal supplements.

Directions: Each jar contains 120 capsules; a 30-60 day supply. Take two-four capsules daily.


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