Our clinic is not a typical medical clinic.  Each new patient experience is personalised to be a tailored health consultation specific to your needs. This will likely include an extensive health history, appropriate examination, exploration of your goals and discussion of any recommended further testing the best treatment or supports available. 

New patients appointments are available with Dr Jess, Katy our health coach, Nicola our acupuncturist and Zdenka our cupping therapist. 

Our consultations are patient-centred and designed to work on the individual root causes underlying disease. Tests and treatments are designed to promote optimal function, prevent and, if possible, reverse disease and improve quality of life.

Our practitioners combine the best of traditional medicines and experience with the latest evidence and testing to optimise your body’s own ability to heal.

For frequently asked questions about what we offer please click visit our FAQs page.

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being not just the absence of disease or infirmity”


New patients

Dr Jess, Katy, Nicola and Zdenka are all currently accepting new patients. The pathway below describes the process for seeing Dr Jess but you can also book in directly with our other practitioners by filling in our booking form or ringing the clinic on 01625 850300.

Dr Jess offers new patients a comprehensive package of three initial appointments: 

If possible, Dr Jess likes to see you in person at our clinic for your first consultation. However, she and Katy can arrange to do the follow up sessions by video consultation if required.


Step 1 (1st session 45-60 min)

Gathering Information & Establishing Your Baseline

At your first consultation with Dr Jess she will spend over 40 minutes listening to any problems or issues in detail and will ask you questions about your health and medical history and your health goals. Please bring a current medication list, recent medical letters, scan or test results with you (Any recent blood results can be obtained from your GP). She will then look at your tongue and feel your pulse and may examine your further or take your blood pressure where indicated. 

The clinic can offer a wide range of blood, stool and genetic tests where required.


Step 2 (2nd session 45-60 min)

Your Health Report

After your first consultation, Dr Jess will have carefully assessed all of the information and at your follow-up session, she will explain all of her findings so that by the end of your report, you will fully understand the nature of your problem. She will discuss any recommended further testing and the most appropriate treatments and together, you will decide on a personalised schedule of care designed to meet your needs. If agreeable, you can begin treatment. All treatments are specific to you and designed to work on the underlying root causes. Dr Jess works alongside her health coach, Katy, to provide true healthcare.

Dr Jess will recommend vitamins, supplements and nutritional or dietary changes where appropriate. She may use herbal treatment (Chinese or medical), recommend a course of acupuncture, use homeopathy or kinesiology. All of these therapies work very well together and give you the best of what natural medicine has to offer.


Step 3 (3rd session 45-60 min)

Implementing Your Plan

After your health report, you will have a scheduled meeting with Katy, our health coach. Together, you will review your personalised plan and prioritise your individual nutritional and lifestyle requirements. You will be invited to set achievable goals and discuss the next steps on your journey, establishing a relationship for ongoing support and setting you up for success.

Start Your Health Journey

If you are ready to heal, click here to fill out our booking form and begin your journey with us

Follow-up patients

Once you have seen Dr Jess & Katy and begun your health journey, we provide the amount of support that is appropriate for you.


Ongoing Care

Support, Reassessment and monitoring

Regular follow-up sessions with Katy offer resources, support, motivation and accountability. They're a great opportunity to ask questions, discuss lifestyle changes and move forward towards your goals.

Followup sessions with Dr Jess are arranged as required for discussion of any issues or modifications to your treatment plan that are needed. Followup sessions are 40 minutes. 


Continuing Your Journey

Our Ongoing Partnership

We realise that your journey toward health and vitality begins with your first visit to our practice. As we continue to work together, Dr Jess and her team are available for follow-up appointments and you will receive ongoing support from our staff. Our hope is to continue to optimise your health, encourage prevention of issues, and share new health discoveries with you.


Please note we have a cancellation and lateness policy for all practitioners. Due to high demand for appointments, there is a cancellation fee of 50% of the session price (or the full deposit for initial sessions) for missed appointments or those cancelled within 2 working days. We run a busy clinic and patients who arrive over 15 minutes late will not be seen.

Dr Jess

NEW PATIENTS: Due to high demand, a non-refundable £100 deposit is required to book a first appointment

Adult – £550 for the initial 3 sessions including: a first consultation with Dr Jess of £350 + follow-up Health Report with Dr Jess (£150) + health coaching session with Katy (£50)  

Child (under 18) – £200 for an initial consultation with Dr Jess of £150 + health coaching session with Katy (£50)


Adult £150 Child £100 

All fees are for the consultations only. Any recommended testing, supplements, creams or herbs are additional and individually priced.

Katy (Health Coaching & EFT)

Available in person or remotely via video call

NEW PATIENTS (who haven’t seen Dr Jess): £75 (60-90 minutes) 

FOLLOW-UP SESSIONS: £50 (45 minutes)

Discount schemes are available for multiple sessions

Nicola (Acupuncture, Electroacupuncture)

In person only

NEW PATIENTS: £50 (60 minutes, history and assessment only – no acupuncture in the first session

FOLLOW-UP SESSIONS: £50 (45-60 minutes)

Discount schemes are available for multiple sessions

Zdenka (Cupping Therapy, Massage)

In person only (Please note cupping is not suitable if you have large amounts of body hair or fragile skin)

NEW & FOLLOW-UP PATIENTS: £50 (45 minutes

Discount schemes are available for multiple sessions

Sue (Counselling)

In person or by video call (An initial free assessment call of 15 minutes can be arranged to discuss treatment suitability and requirements)

NEW & FOLLOW-UP PATIENTS: £55 (50 minutes) or a block of 6 treatments for £300