Together with her sister Xandra (Doctor of Chiropractic), Dr Jess created The Natural Doctors. The Natural Doctors is a radical new idea – an online community with a social conscience that gives you all the information you need to take back control of your health. It only costs £10 per month. Not only that, students pay half price. We have corporate packs for forward-thinking organisations concerned about the health and wellbeing of their people.

Over the years, treating thousands of our patients, we found that in many cases, the best person to heal you is… you! Discover the root causes behind your health concerns so you can make better choices, one day and one step at a time. Have full access to Dr Jess’s Refresh a fully planned out diet and nutritional programme including recipes for optimal health.

Our community is a safe place to meet like-minded people and share knowledge. Read our vast library of content, complete our health toolkits and join live webinars to discuss issues, and have the opportunity to hear from renowned and respected experts from every field of health and wellbeing.

Whether you want to discover a more effective solution to your symptoms today, or just learn more about your general health and wellbeing for tomorrow, The Natural Doctors is an alternative approach to taking care of your health.

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the power to
heal yourself.

it’s in your hands.

Illness and disease don’t appear overnight. They develop over time. Yet healthcare systems are not set up to accommodate this.

Through an affordable monthly subscription, our members have unlimited access to our online community. Watch webinars, listen to podcasts, read articles, take courses and connect with other members about the things that matter to you. We’ll teach you how your body’s systems are all interconnected and how to heal yourself, using a range of different approaches to medicine, health and wellness; from the latest Western medicine, to alternative, research-backed approaches from around the world. 

The Natural Doctors features exclusive content from a range of experts in both established and pioneering medical fields, to bring you the latest thinking, medical breakthroughs and new approaches to old problems. 


The world of health is changing. Take advantage of our free trial and join The Natural Doctors today for instant access to all the information you need to make better choices.

The future of your health and wellbeing is in your hands. Let us help you to make more informed decisions that will lead to happier lives for you and your loved ones.