Where are you on the health scale? Do you feel ‘healthy’? Free from pain and troublesome symptoms? Full of life, energy and vitality? Do you have good mood, focus and concentration? Are you mentally and spiritually fulfilled? Do you have any chronic (long term) health problems?

Health is not just the absence of symptoms and disease, this is only the tip of the iceberg; there are many levels of health. As well as freedom from physical pain and emotional distress, there should be mental clarity, stable energy levels, good sleep, a strong immune and digestive system and a sense of mental and spiritual fulfilment and wellbeing.

Get to the root cause of your symptoms and problems and begin the process of healing. Good health is a lifelong journey not just a straight-forward ‘cure’ but you can achieve amazing results with the right tools. Symptomatic relief might be brought about by medications, but true health relies on treating that underlying root cause and harnessing the healing power of the body itself.

Treatment taking into account your unique history, symptoms, body, gut health, hormone balance and genetic type and lifestyle is more likely to bring about long lasting health. The therapies listed below are all available in our clinic and many are a great support for this process. Dr Jess and her team will take a full and detailed history and discuss the best tests, supports and treatment for you to achieve your health goals. To learn more about the consultation visit the Our Approach page here which also details our pricing.

Explore the natural therapies that we use to support health in our practice below:

Functional & Lifestyle Medicine

Functional medicine is true 21st century medicine and determines how and why illness occurs and restores health by addressing the root causes of disease for each individual

Health & Wellness Coaching

A health and wellness coach can help you excel at reaching your life and health goals. They help you make achievable changes in order to succeed

Herbal Medicine

Medical herbalist make use of healing plants from nature's medicine cabinet, whose traditional uses over hundreds or thousands of years are backed up by modern scientific research


Acupuncture can stimulate healing with the insertion of fine needles at points specific to your problem or condition. Treatment is designed to alleviate any symptoms and improve wellbeing.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine is a 3000 year old system of medicine using therapies like herbs, acupuncture and food therapy. This ancient wisdom is supported by scientific research

Cupping & Massage

A vacuum is created inside glass cups and they are placed on the skin to improve the flow of energy and release muscle tension. Cupping massage often brings about deep relaxation


Homeopathy is much more than a placebo, it is the second most used system of medicine in many areas of the world and extremely safe. It is designed to treat the whole person


Kinesiology uses systematic, safe and precise muscle testing to find problem areas and re-balance the body


Emotional Freedom Technique is a non-invasive and scientifically proven method that offers relief from emotional issues and limiting beliefs

Comprehensive Testing

State of the art laboratory testing is available for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease. This includes: nutritional, allergy, DNA analysis, gut health, toxin, mould and hormone testing

Cosmetic Acupuncture

Cosmetic acupuncture has become a popular way to defy ageing naturally since it was featured on Channel 4's '10 Years Younger'. It uses points to improve elasticity and overall appearance

PRP (Coming soon!)

Platelet rich plasma injections using your own blood can be used to rejuvenate your hair (hair loss) or skin. Nicknamed the 'vampire' facial its popularity is backed up by research