Zdenka is a fully qualified and insured massage therapist having completed a Level 3 VTCT at the Manchester School of Massage. She also has a certificate in Chinese Cupping and Cupping Therapeutic Massage. At your first session she will take brief history and check you are suitable for treatment. If suitable you can have your first session at your first visit.

Chinese Cupping uses glass cups placed on the body using a flame to create a vacuum (the flame does not come in contact with the skin). This feels like a pleasant level of suction which releases muscle knots and tension. The cups can be left in place or using oil the cups can be run along meridians and tight areas to release pain and stiffness. Many people equate it to the best deep tissue massage they have ever had!

How can cupping help me?

Zdenka is a highly trained and experienced cupping and massage therapist. Most people can benefit from cupping and massage, either as a one off when you are struggling with tight muscles or as a regular session to keep you relaxed and pain free. 

Book in today with Zdenka for a 45 minute cupping session. 


Zdenka is originally from the Czech Republic and has always had a passion for alternative medicine and has equivalent qualifications in social care and training in reiki, mindfulness and meditation. 

After coming to work for us in The Back Clinic/ Natural Doctor practice she began her training with Dr Jess in Cupping massage and therapy, learning key meridian areas and basic aspects of Chinese Medicine as well as becoming extremely skilled and experienced as a cupping therapist. She added 12 months of intensive training and qualification from the Manchester School of Massage to her cupping training to blend the two skills and is now the only person Dr Jess will have Chinese cupping with!


Recently Zdenka has begun her Homeopathic training with the North West College of Homeopathy and we look forward to her eventual qualification as a Homeopath.